If taking a trip to the exotic Peruvian jungle is on your to-do list, at Costa del Sol Wyndham Hotels we have a lot to tell you about the mythical city of Pucallpa, to encourage you and finally fulfill your dream of knowing one of the most remote and impressive parts of our country.

The name Pucallpa comes from Quechua, and means red earth, named after the natives who inhabited the Ucayali river basin centuries ago. Its exuberant vegetation, the opportunity for adventure tourism, its magical biodiversity and contact with indigenous communities, make Pucallpa a must-see place for nature lovers.

A little history

The city of Pucallpa is the tenth most populated city in Peru, and was colonized in the 1840s by a group of Franciscans, who settled several families of the Shipiboconibo ethnic group, a tribe that is still located around the Ucayali river today; one of the most interesting attractions of the Peruvian jungle. The river represents the main transportation route, and contains the second most important river port in the Amazon.


The typical food of Pucallpa is based on a fusion of Peruvian gastronomy, although supported by the biodiversity of the jungle. Traditionally, various types of rodent meat, armadillo, monkeys and also giant freshwater fish are consumed.

What to visit in Pucallpa

While there are many natural places to visit, there are also historical sites worth visiting when passing through Pucallpa.

Natural park and regional museum
Just 4 kilometers from the city is the Natural Park and Regional Museum of Pucallpa, which has a small zoo with local fauna.

One of the largest lagoons in the Amazon, whose surroundings are rich in flora and fauna. It is an ideal place to meet the natives, as well as tourist lodges and typical food restaurants. Activities such as water skiing, rowing, fishing and nature observation are available.

The jungle
From Pucallpa depart several tours and alternatives to explore the Amazon jungle. The journey begins in the port of Pucallpa and crosses the Ucayali River, passes through Iquitos, continues through Brazil and empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

Artistic community
In the south of Pucallpa is the house of the painter Pablo Amaringo, a place where his works are collected, and which also functions as a painting workshop that has been awarded a UN prize called Usko-Ayar. There, the young artists are inspired by nature to paint their pictures. Aged between 8 and 24, they are mostly young people from humble backgrounds.

Main square and cathedral of Pucallpa
As part of its historical legacy, these two structures are preserved, places that are undoubtedly important to know to learn a little more about the Franciscan past of Pucallpa.

Nature in all its splendor
There are places in Pucallpa and its surroundings that will make any traveler change their way of seeing and feeling nature, among them are:

  • Cashibococha Lagoon
  • La Jungla Ecolodge
  • La Lupuna Park
  • Bio-Kuka Botanical Garden
  • Aguaytia
  • Chullachaqui Botanical Garden

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