Costa Del Sol

Our History

Costa del Sol decided to create an international business alliance with Wyndham Hotel Group. Our hotel in the airport was originally Costa del Sol Ramada Lima and with this decision, we took a step forward by naming it Costa del Sol Wyndham Lima, turning it into the first Wyndham hotel in Peru. Step by step we expand this alliance to some of our hotels. Finally, in 2014 we did an upgrade Wyndham brand to brand, turning into Costa del Sol Wyndham in Tumbes, Piura, Chiclayo, Trujillo, Cajamarca, Lima and Lima Airport.

Our Mission

Providing excellent personalized service.

Our Vision

Be a recognized and important chain hotel in Peru and abroad. Offering luxurious accommodations ad excellent service all around the country.

Alliance with Wyndham

We decided to create a hotel chain with the international chain Wyndham Hotel Group, which owns several brands like Wyndham, Ramada, among others. That is why we opened our hotel at Lima airport, its original name was Costa del Sol Ramada Lima Airport, this is simply a goal that our goal was to create an international fashion name, and asked that this step so great was The hand Of a brand that did not yet exist in Peru. Little by little we were expanding this alliance with our hotels. Finally, in the year 2015 we made an upgrade of the brand to the Wyndham Brand, being now Costa del Sol Wyndham in our hotels in Tumbes, Piura, Chiclayo, Trujillo, Cajamarca, Lima and Lima Airport. In the case of our hotel in Cusco with the Ramada brand.

Our Hotels 


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The City of Friendship…


The City of Eternal Spring…


The Hotel of Peace and Quiet…


After the Flight, Take a break…


A Different Experience…


Tourism to Any View…


Turismo en cualquier Vista…

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