Do you need a relaxing refuge within the city of Lima? If you are looking for hotels with swimming pools to escape the urban hustle and bustle without straying too far, Costa del Sol Wyndham Lima City Hotel is the ideal place for you. This charming hotel offers a unique experience in the midst of the vibrant Peruvian capital. Immerse yourself in an oasis of tranquility while you enjoy the following benefits of staying at this fantastic establishment.

1. A Pool In The City

Costa del Sol Wyndham Lima City Hotel stands out for its beautiful pool strategically located in the heart of Lima. Imagine relaxing in a serene environment, surrounded by exuberant views and the tranquility of a space designed for your rest and recreation. Whether you are a traveler who needs to unwind after a day of work, or you are on vacation exploring the city, the hotel pool will provide the perfect environment to recharge your batteries and enjoy a moment of peace in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Piscina en Hotel Costa del Sol Wyndham Lima Ciudad

2. Impressive Panoramic Views

The pool of the Hotel Costa del Sol Lima Ciudad offers impressive panoramic views that will leave you amazed. From this urban oasis, you will be able to contemplate the majesty of Lima, appreciating its architecture, skyscrapers and the characteristic charm of the city. Whether you enjoy a refreshing swim early in the morning or relax on the sun loungers by the pool in the afternoon, the panoramic views will envelop you in a unique and memorable atmosphere.

3. Poolside Bar

To complement your aquatic experience, Costa del Sol Wyndham Lima City Hotel has a poolside bar. Here you can enjoy a varied selection of refreshing drinks and cocktails while you dive into the pool or relax in its surrounding areas. What better way to enjoy the afternoon than with a drink in hand, the gentle breeze and the company of your loved ones?

4. An Urban Escape

Located in one of the busiest areas of Lima, Costa del Sol Wyndham Lima City Hotel is presented as an urban escape that will allow you to disconnect and enjoy unforgettable moments. The combination of its pool, modern facilities and its excellent customer service will make you feel like you are in an exclusive resort without having to leave the city.

In summary, if you are looking for hotels with swimming pools without leaving Lima, Costa del Sol Wyndham Lima City Hotel is the perfect choice. Its pool, panoramic views, poolside bar and relaxing atmosphere will offer you a unique experience within the bustling city. Do not wait any longer to immerse yourself in this oasis of tranquility and enjoy an unforgettable stay in Lima.

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