Piura is a city that has it all, not just in terms of tourism but also for the local economy and those in search of business opportunities. The area is blessed by large fish stocks, as well as mineral, oil, agricultural and livestock resources, and it is the home of an ancient handcraft tradition specializing in pottery and filigree work.

The local economy is vibrant and offers many business opportunities, and the local resources of Piura include the Paita, Talara, Bayovar Seas and the Poechos reservoir.

Piura has grown considerably as a center for trade between Peru and Ecuador, and the Inter-Oceanic Corridor between Peru and Brazil will mean that the Piura region will benefit from innumerable opportunities in the future.


The Hotel Costa del Sol Piura offers comfortable rooms that ensure a restful stay or an excellent working environment for our guests. The hotel was established at its strategic location in 1997, in the center of a city that offers many opportunities for both business and entertainment.

Today, the hotel has 68 rooms, five events rooms, two boardrooms, a business center, swimming pool and other services.

Our restaurant offers Peruvian and International cuisine and our bar is the best in the city.