This charming city, declared part of the Historical and Cultural Patrimony of the Americas, was transformed during the Inca period into an administrative, military and religious center of great importance. According to the chroniclers, Atahualpa filled the Ransom Chamber once with gold and twice with silver as far as his outstretched hand could reach. Today, a mark high up on the stone wall indicates the level to which the chamber was filled with those precious metals.

The city reflects the influence of the Spanish in the architecture of its churches and two-story houses with their pitched roofs. To think of Cajamarca is to imagine fields of crops extending to either side of the roads, along the slopes of hills and across wide plains. It is an ideal place for a visit, be it for business or tourism.


The Hotel Costa del Sol Cajamarca is located in the historic old mansion of the Santolaya family, Cajamarca patriarchs and contributors to the current development of the city.

Given the central location of the hotel, opposite the Plaza de Armas and next to Cajamarca cathedral, you will find yourself just a few steps from the historic Ransom Chamber or the Convent of Santa Apolonia.

Without a doubt, the Hotel Costa del Sol Cajamarca conserves all the typical charm and warmth of its traditional Andean infrastructure, while providing all the comforts of a four- star hotel.